Some of the many ways we’d like to call you a friend: 

rafiki (Swahili), မိတျဆှေ mi-tya-shaay (Burmese),  صديق sadiq (Arabic), and मित्र mitra (Nepali).


Monthly giving offers you a chance to turn a one-time sign-up into deep, long-term support for a cause you believe in.

As a Friend of MRC, your monthly gift provides steady, predictable funding that lets us expand our programs, reach more refugees and create more livelihood opportunities. The process is simple for you - once you set up a monthly donation there is no need to update your information. Throughout the year we’ll keep you posted on how your gift is making an impact. 

Please consider if supporting our mission this way is the right next step for you. 

* In order to make your donation a monthly donation please check the ‘Show my support by making this a recurring donation’ box.

Making a monthly donation? Thank you! Please make sure you check the box that says ‘Show my support by making this a recurring donation’.

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