New Leaf Farm News

A major component of the New Leaf Farm permaculture design is complete—berms and swales have been installed in the upper six acres! In case those terms are new to you, berms and swales are the long ridges and troughs of soil that allow farmers to control the containment and dispersion of water around the property, which is key to the resource management aspect of a sustainable, long-term farm plan. Thanks to Kirby Fry of Earth Repair Corps for his expert advice and to Pete Vandyck of Drought Proof Texas for his earth-moving! 

In planting news, transplants and seeds have gone into the ground now for each of our three farm-to-maker partners: Mexican mint marigold for fabric dyes at Miranda Bennett Studios, Oaxacan green corn for Barton Springs Mill and hibiscus for Austin tea-maker Colleen Preheim. We hope you can make it out for a visit to our open house on May 5th.

Meg Erskine