New Leaf Farm News

  • For our farm's first season, we are actively growing on about two acres. Crops in progress include Oaxacan green corn, popcorn, roselle hibiscus, Mexican mint marigold, green beans, cantaloupe, and lots of cover crops.
  • In addition to planting the above crops, the six refugee farm apprentices have been harvesting dewberries, planting cover crops and clearing the fenceline so we can erect a fence to keep the deer out.
  • The heavy rain in the first week of May postponed our open house, but also gave us a chance to test our permaculture design. The result? Success! Our berms and swales caught 100% of the rain water to distribute to our fields.
  • Thank you to our landowner Jon Beale for helping us erect our deer fencing and the new composting toilet.
Meg Erskine