Wandaka Musongera

My name is Wandaka Musongera, I was born on 08-25-1995 in Democratic Republic of Congo. I’m the first born in my family and have five siblings after me. I left my country when I was about nine years and ran to Uganda due to wars. I lived in Uganda for seven years as a refugee. Life wasn’t easy there. I didn’t go to school for my first two years due to lack of school fees. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship from the missionaries of the poor, so I worked extremely hard to make good grades so they could continue supporting my studies. I started working as a materials recycler when I was eleven years to help contribute to my family income.

My family came to the United States on 07-02-2013. I was very happy when I came to the US but after a few days I was disappointed. Things weren’t as I expected: the weather was so terrible; I still had to work longer hours; and the social culture was very different. But slowly I’m adapting to American life. And I think the US is little bit better than Uganda. But having lived in three countries, I learned in every place there is good and bad.

I'm the first person from my family to learn how to drive. I thank Lindsey and all who helped me achieve this. My favorite game is soccer and I have played for school and local teams. I have run and finished two marathons. I currently volunteer to teach spiritual virtues to children in my apartment complex. Last year, I was student council president at Lanier High School and worked at Thai How Are You. I also took over the role of garden leadership at Lanier community garden. I got my first garden when I was seven and looked after goats and pigs. I use all my gardening skills and experience to produce the best service in this role. I'm also excited for this role because it lets me obtain more skills. In fall of 2016 I started college at Concordia University. In the future I want to teach and be a school soccer coach.