Meg Erskine

Meg Erskine, MRC’s co-founder and CEO, has devoted her career to contributing to environmental and social causes in collaborative and innovative ways. Since 2009, Meg has led MRC's strategic growth, including the 2011 introduction of the New Leaf agriculture program, 2014 acquisition of the Open Arms manufacturing enterprise, 2016 development of the Shared Voices interpreter training program, and the refinement of the MRC mission to create opportunities for refugee livelihoods. Under Meg’s leadership, Open Arms was selected as the first US-based social enterprise of global home goods giant IKEA and MRC’s agriculture program has grown to partnerships with three local gardens and a local farm. With a background in conservation biology and community development, Meg has worked as the State Bat Biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife, contributed to nonprofit community development boards, and taught ESL to refugees. She holds a B.S. in conservation biology from the University of Texas at Austin and lives with her husband and son in south Austin.