Jeanie Rohn

Jeanie was born in a small farming community in Kansas.  She moved to Texas in 1971 where she met her husband Steve.  They have 2 Children and 2 grandchildren. Both are retired from the corporate world and now love having the freedom to volunteer for things which they are passionate about.   Jeanie has loved sewing since she was a young girl.   It was not a difficult decision when her friend, Sarah ask her to help one evening with a new sewing project for refugees.   She knew Sarah was very involved with this new group called “MRC” but had no idea that it would impact her life in so many ways.

I look forward to seeing our students each week. They bring joy to my heart. I have watched them shy and timid in the beginning when they come neither knowing a single person in the room nor having the ability to speak to them in their language. I have seen people who were once cultural enemies become beautiful friends eager to see and help each other each week. They look forward coming to learn, succeed and work together. They have pride in what they have accomplished.